Our Catamaran allows easy access to places and beaches no other boats can go!!


SAIL PROVO catamaran, Arielle is the ideal boat for sailing and snorkeling excursions in the turquoise waters of the Turks & Caicos Islands. Custom made for theis special purpose they combine the Ultimate Sailing Experience with maximum comfort. Perfect for kids and the older ones.

Staircase to the Sea

A unique bow ladder allows easy access on and off the boat. It makes boarding as safe and comfortable as walking up a staircase.

Comfortable Sunning Nets

Our catamaran features two large trampolines and lots of deck space for lounging in the sun and listening to the splash of the waves.  Instant stress relief!

Open shaded cockpit

A hard top covers a spacious sitting area and provides ample shade over comfortable benches. A wonderful place to enjoy lunch or just get away from the sun. 


Each hull provides clean and spacious bathrooms / heads for maximum comfort.

Snorkel Safety

Snorkeling is easy even for beginners. 
Our boats are equipped with snorkeling gear, flotation devices and two ladders in the back for safe and easy access into the water.
Snorkeling has never been easier!


Catamarans are known for their efficient stability in sailing.

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